Elder Care Management - Building Trust Every Day
The Expertise to Guide You

I help you realize your dream elder life. Save money, save time and avoid costly mistakes with a flexible elder life plan that reflects your wants and needs - not a cookie cutter approach. My services ensure that you:
  • Save Money--I Know How to Get You Services for Less
  • Save Time--Use my Checklists so No Detail is Missed
  • Stay in Control and in Your Home
  • Team With Providers that Meet Your Specific Needs
  • Use Every Senior Benefit and Free Service Available
  • Avoid the Costly and Tragic Pitfalls of Trying to Do It Yourself
  • Mediate Family Differences to Get Everyone to "Yes"

I am an attorney with 17 years experience in estates, family planning and litigation. 
I also worked for ten years in health sciences research and hands-on emergency care.
I have cared for my Alzheimer's afflicted mother and 92 year old father for years. 

My collaborative planning approach ensures that your needs are met.

The Compassion to Help You Succeed

I understand that one solution does not fit every situation.

Using my cost effective checklists, questionnaires and interviews, I learn your needs and preferences.
Together we tailor a plan that maximizes your independence, control and dignity.


My Services Include

Helping You Plan

Imagine the security and comfort of a well considered, flexible vision of your life ahead.

With you and your loved ones working together to realize your goals and overcome obstacles.

Many people patch a plan together "crisis by crisis."

My comprehensive checklists make it easy to avoid this.

Draw on my knowledge of how it works and avoid the common pitfalls.

Investigating Your Options

I do the hard-nosed investigation.

You choose how to proceed.

I am not affiliated with any service or facility and do not accept commissions.

I am your advocate.

My objective, professional advice saves you money, time and stress.

Managing Your Plan

Even a well designed plan needs someone to manage it.

I will manage the details, including:

  • annual Medicare part D elections
  • financial, tax and insurance updates
  • health provider oversight
  • health appointments
  • monthly bill payments.

I handle the details and keep you informed. So you can enjoy your life.

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