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Elder Care Management and Oversight

Ensuring that your elder care services and your financial, insurance and health plan is up to date and responsive to your needs is a job in itself.

Whether you have a plan in place or create one with my help, I offer management, care oversight and fiduciary services to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Day to Day Coordination

Managing health appointments, transportation, bill payment, insurance follow up, annual Medicare prescription updates and the other details of life often becomes too much.

Or simply strains or even redefines family relationships.

I will handle any details you wish, for a single monthly fee.

I offer ethical, transparent oversight so you can enjoy your life.

I Move with You

As your needs evolve we revisit and revise your plan as necessary.

This may involve coordinating a small modification to your home after a physical change.

Or helping you request a review of prescription medications.

Or finding the best primary care provider or specialist if memory problems emerge.

Even if you have moved from your home to a retirement community, assisted living center or nursing home, I will provide the above services while ensuring that you are receiving the full and best care to which you are entitled.

Care Without Boundaries

From my office in Pennsylvania, I can help no matter where you live.

Most health plans are national in scope, and elder care services and providers are subject to rules and licensing with which I are familiar.

Indeed, a move may be advisable to be closer to family, a more suitable climate or where housing and services are more economical.

I can help you decide if a move is right for you as well as guide your transition and beyond.

A client-centered perspective with integrity.

Always ready to serve you.

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